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Professional Security Training and Seminars

At our agency, we continuously ensure that the security personnel we deploy in the field are more than equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the job.
Through various training and seminars, we aim to further enhance well preparedness when the need arises as required by the needs and standards of the client.

The Security You Deserve

It is always the standpoint of ICA Eagle Eye Security Agency Inc. that we give our clients the best quality of security service that they need and deserve.
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Basic Self-Defense

Our security personnel physically prepares for possible combat confrontations through basic training and learning of tactics in martial arts such as jiu-jitsu. Common self-defense training includes pressure points, striking, close-quarter defensive tactics, knife defense, and arrest techniques.
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Bomb Threat & Identification Seminar

We make sure that our security guards and lady guards are knowledgeable and highly trained in bomb threat response plan. Through a threat and identification seminar, they develop knowledge and skills in recognizing and responding to unattended packages, objects, and baggage; bomb identification and explosive device identification.
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Emergency Preparedness & Security Drills

Through preparedness and security drills, our security personnel learns to identify what planning, guidance, and tools are needed, and what related issues need to be addressed to ensure an effective response to unexpected emergency situations.
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First Aid Training

Our security personnel undergoes safety and first aid training. There, they learn and apply the first steps in first aid, gain basic knowledge in patient diagnosis, and are informed on what actions to take in case of emergency.
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Marksmanship And Proficiency Training

Our security personnel is equipped with basic awareness and skills on marksmanship by undergoing training practices such as safe gun handling and proficiency shooting. But before they are even deployed in the field, we make sure that they are disciplined enough in observing and practicing the rules of gun safety while in the firing range, ensuring that they eventually carry it on in their actual performance of duties.

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