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Providing High-End Security Services

Depending on our clients' requirements, we can provide various sophisticated equipment - such as Walk Thru Scanners, CCTV cameras, and more - which are necessary to ensure safety and security.
Meanwhile, when it comes to mobility, we have service vehicles ranging from two-wheeled bikes to four-wheeled utility units in store for clients' needs.

The Security You Deserve

It is always the standpoint of ICA Eagle Eye Security Agency Inc. that we give our clients the best quality of security service that they need and deserve.
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Specialized Security Services

We're all about looking out for you and your investments. Our team of highly trained experts, along with the latest technology, makes sure your property and personal safety are in good hands. The ICA Eagle Eye Security Agency Inc. is currently servicing the following industries:
  • Bank Security
  • Mall Security
  • Residential Security
  • Warehouse Security
  • Resort Security
  • Events security
  • Campus/School Security
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Intelligence, Investigation & Undercover Operations

We use careful and organized methods to collect information efficiently. Our detailed investigations ensure that the information we gather is trustworthy and accurate.

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Security Education & Training

We provide in-person internal on-the-job training courses for managers, supervisors, officers, and guards to help them stay up to date on the knowledge needed to do their jobs.
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CCTV Security Operator/Monitoring

Our skilled experts keep an eye on the assets you own and the locations of your projects to deliver the superior surveillance you would anticipate from on-site staff, but without the administrative burden.
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Janitorial And General Maintenance Services

We provide well-trained cleaning and general maintenance services to different businesses. We aim to enhance, advance, and uphold urban facilities by providing high-quality janitorial, general, and maintenance services.

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